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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 5 January 2013
Date of Publication: 12 February 2013
Inspection Report published 12 February 2013 PDF


Inspection carried out on 5 January 2013

During a routine inspection

We observed that people's privacy and dignity was upheld and staff sought their views to influence the care, treatment and support offered. People we spoke with told us they were happy with their care, treatment and the surroundings. One person said, �You cannot fault it here, I feel at home and the staff treat us very well.�

The home had created a friendly, open and welcoming atmosphere. We found that people were engaged in their surroundings and alert, frequently having conversation with each other and with staff. They told us they had been involved in making decisions about their care and said they were well supported. Relatives we spoke with were also positive about the service the home offered, saying comments such as, �My relative feels safe and well cared for and treated with respect." And another said, "Staff go the extra mile, we have been impressed with the care the whole staff team provide."

We found the home had staffing levels that allowed time for both the care and the social needs of people to be well met. There was a varied programme of group and individual activities. The staff team were experienced and well trained with a range of training that supported them to do their job.

In the last year the home had been updated with replacement double glazing windows and a new kitchen more suited to large scale catering.