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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 7 July 2012
Date of Publication: 16 August 2012
Inspection Report - DN published 16 August 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 7 July 2012

During a themed inspection looking at Dignity and Nutrition

People told us what it was like to live at this home and described how they were treated by staff and their involvement in making choices about their care. They also told us about the quality and choice of food and drink available. This was because this inspection was part of a themed inspection programme to assess whether older people living in care homes are treated with dignity and respect and whether their nutritional needs are met.

The inspection team was led by a CQC inspector joined by an Expert by Experience (people who have experience of using services and who can provide that perspective) and a practising professional.

We used the Short Observational Framework for Inspection (SOFI). SOFI is a specific way of observing care to help us understand the experience of people who could not talk with us. During our visit we spoke with seven people who lived at the home.

When we visited the home we were told that the home had been open for almost a year. During that time the number of people living at the home had increased to the 66 people that lived at the home when we visited. Most people told us that they liked living at the home and others told us they were still getting used to living in the home and staff were supporting them with this.

People we spoke with told us that they liked the staff and they understood their support needs. One person told us �The staff work very hard and are very good�. People told us that they felt safe at the home. One relative told us �Mum is safe at the home and the worry and stress of caring for her had been lifted since she moved into the home�.

Most of the people we spoke with told us that they liked the food at the home. One person said �the food is excellent most of the time�. The home had introduced a new menu and ordering system. We observed that some people in the home found the process of ordering their food difficult. We saw evidence that the manager was monitoring the system and was in the process of developing it further to ensure that everyone at the home was able to choose their meals effectively.

Throughout the day we observed staff addressing people by their name and knocking on doors before entering people�s rooms. Staff we spoke with were clear about promoting people�s dignity and treating people with respect.

We saw that people were involved in making decisions about their care and support. One person told us that they had an assessment before they moved into the home. However, we found that people�s involvement was sometimes not recorded in their care records.