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Archived: 16 Brimley


Inspection carried out on 8 April 2013

During a routine inspection

We met and spoke briefly with two of the three people supported by the service. Both had a good rapport with the provider / manager, were at ease in their home environment and looked well cared for. All care and support was provided by the provider / manager and one carer.

The provider / manager spoke knowledgeably about the three people the service supported. They had been supporting them for many years; initially in a residential care setting and then by supporting them in the community with domiciliary care support. There were appropriate measures in place to safeguard individual�s finances where the person lacked capacity to manage their own financial affairs.

The provider did not have appropriate arrangements in place for recording or administrating medicines. This meant that people could be at risk of receiving the wrong medicines.

The provider did not provide people who used the service with the correct details about the aims and objectives of the service, or set out the service delivery arrangements.

Inspection carried out on 18 May 2012

During an inspection in response to concerns

People we spoke with told us that they had found the service to be "good" and they also told us that the provider was �good�. Each person receiving a service from 16 Brimley had developed a relationship with the other tenants and were supportive of each other.

During our visit we observed interaction between the people who used the service and the provider and this was seen to be relaxed. The provider was able to give accounts on each person�s history and was supportive of those people.

We met and talked with the one other member of the staff who supported the three people. This member of staff was the sole person who assisted in the provision of personal care to the people receiving a service. We asked the member of staff about their training, development and recruitment and how they were supported within their roles.

During the visit we spoke with the provider, the member of staff and the people who received a service. Each person was involved with the process and engaged with us whilst we looked at the documentation that was in place to support the people receiving a service from Mrs Denise Flack (the provider).