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Archived: HRGO Recruitment Ltd - Healthcare Division

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Inspection carried out on 21 November 2012

During a routine inspection

Four people told us that support staff treated them with respect and that their rights to privacy, dignity and independence had been maintained. One person commented, "Staff cover me with a towel when they provide my personal care. They are very good at doing that."

People using the service had participated in their care plans. These documents clearly identified each individual's preferences for how they wanted their care and support to be provided. One person told us that if something needed to be changed they would speak to the coordinator and they would deal with it.

Four people told us that their care and support was provided in a safe manner. None of the people we spoke with had any concerns about this service. One person said, "The staff are easy to get on with" and another person told us that "What staff do suits my preferences. I have no concerns whatsoever."

We found some concerns with the way medication was being handled and there were examples of poor recording in relation to the administration of medicines. The provider acknowledged our concerns and gave an assurance that improvements would be made as a matter of priority.

From conversations with staff and evidence found in personnel files, we found that staff had regular opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge by attending annual training sessions. A support worker told us that they received good support and that there was always somebody on hand if they needed advice.