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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 12, 13 August 2014
Date of Publication: 21 November 2014
Inspection Report published 21 November 2014 PDF | 94.47 KB


Inspection carried out on 12, 13 August 2014

During a routine inspection

We carried out an unannounced inspection in order to check up on compliance with a compliance action made at our last inspection.

One inspector visited the home over the course of two days.

We spoke with the people who used the service, people�s friends and relatives, the manager and care staff. We also observed staff supporting people with their daily activities.

Green Gables Care Home can provide accommodation for up to 18 older people. There were 18 people using the service at the time of our inspection.

We considered our inspection findings to answer questions we always ask:

� Is the service safe?

� Is the service effective?

� Is the service caring?

� Is the service responsive?

� Is the service well-led?

This is a summary of what we found. This summary is based on our observations during the inspection, discussions with people using the service, staff supporting people and the management team and the records we looked at.

If you want to see the evidence that supports our summary please read the full report.

Is the service safe?

A process was in place to undertake assessments and to plan care with the aim of ensuring that people received safe and appropriate care. We found that this had been completed for five of the 18 people using the service. However, some assessments had not been completed when people�s needs had changed and care was not consistently planned to meet people�s assessed needs. More information was required in some risk assessments and care plans to support staff to provide safe and consistent care.

People were supported to be able to eat and drink sufficient amounts to meet their needs. Assessments of people�s nutrition needs were completed and action was taken to offer people a suitable diet to meet their needs. People told us that the food at the service was good and they were given choices of what they ate at each meal.

A robust recruitment system was in place and had been followed when new staff had been recruited. Staff had been the subject of criminal records and other checks to ensure they were of good character and had the skills to meet people�s needs. An induction process was followed to provide new staff with the skills and knowledge they required to provide the service safely.

Is the service effective?

Since our last inspection five people�s care plans had been revised to include more information and guidance for staff. Every assessment and care plan area had been regularly reviewed; however amendments had not always been made to ensure that care plans remained current.

Staff knew people well, they responded to people�s requests and offered them choices. Staff knew what people were able to do for themselves and supported them to remain independent.

There was a structured system in place to ask people using the service, their relatives and staff for their views about the service and act upon them. The provider operated an effective system to regularly assess and monitor the quality of the service provided. This included regular monitoring of the environment and the care provided by staff.

Is the service caring?

People were supported by kind and attentive staff. Staff showed patience and gave encouragement when supporting people. People we spoke with said they liked the staff and that they were kind and caring. One person�s relative told us that the staff were very friendly and reacted to people�s emotions. People and their relatives told us the service felt like a big family.

People were supported to attend health appointments, such as, doctors or dentists. The service worked closely with health and social care professionals to maintain and improve people's health and well-being.

We saw positive interactions from staff when supporting people throughout our inspection.

Is the service responsive?

The service had taken some action to become compliant and improve the service people received since our last inspection. However, further action was required to ensure they identified and responded to people�s needs. For example, further assessments of people�s needs were not completed when pre admission assessments identified that people were at risk. Care was not planned for people during the first month of them receiving a service from Green Gables Care Home.

People told us that they were happy with the service. It was clear from observations and from speaking with staff that they had a good understanding of the people's care and support needs.

The manager had a process in place to employ sufficient staff, at all times, to meet the assessed needs of people using the service. Such as additional staff in support people to get up and go to bed. Staff were attentive to people using the service and responded promptly when needed.

The service had a complaints process in place and information had been given to people about how to make a complaint. Complaints received had been acted on and action had been taken to address people�s concerns. People and their relatives told us they felt confident to raise concerns with the service and thought the manager would take action to address their concerns.

Is the service well-led?

Since our last inspection a duty manager had been appointed. Staff told us they felt supported by the manager and the duty manager and could contact them for advice and support. A process was in place to identify the staff member leading each shift. Staff we spoke with were clear about their role and responsibilities.

Audits of the care plans and other systems were completed to assess the quality of the care being provided. Where shortfalls had been found action had not always been taken to protect people using the service.