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Archived: Ponteland Primary Care Centre


Inspection carried out on 3 January 2013

During a routine inspection

On the day of our inspection a minor surgery clinic was taking place. We spoke to three people who had used the service. They all told us that the procedure had been explained to them, any queries addressed and they had been asked to give their consent. One person told us, "They gave me a full explanation and a chance to ask questions."

People who used the service confirmed that options for treatment had been discussed and a range of information was provided after the operation. This meant people were informed about their surgery. One person told us, "It was amazing; absolutely fantastic. They are very friendly and very concerned for you."

Staff told us anaesthetic was drawn up by the consultant prior to each procedure. This ensured each person received the correct dose. We saw that the type of anaesthetic used was noted on the consent form, so there was a record of what had been given. Leaflets were given indicating what pain relief was most appropriate and advising contact with a general practitioner should further advice be needed.

Staff told us day surgery clinics were run with two qualified nurses and one health care assistant; along with the consultant who was carrying out the procedure. This meant that experienced staff were providing the service.

We noted the provider had a written procedure for dealing with complaints, although none had been received to date. The procedure detailed complaints should be formally responded to and within a set timescale.