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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 12 September 2013
Date of Publication: 10 October 2013
Inspection Report published 10 October 2013 PDF | 77.17 KB


Inspection carried out on 12 September 2013

During a routine inspection

We looked at records that showed people had attended monthly meetings to discuss their care using communication methods that they understood. This ensured that informed consent had taken place and was recorded in people's support plans.

We were told that there was a choice of meals for people to choose from at each meal time. The manager told us, �People can choose their own food to eat and when they would like to eat it. However, we do have to consider people that are on a healthy balanced diet such as a high fibre diet.�

We saw records of when a person�s medication was adjusted to support their well-being and records showed that staff had consulted with a GP and were advised accordingly. Staff had recorded supporting information from the GP in the format of a diary entry which ensured people were supported to take the correct amounts as prescribed.

During our visit we observed a staff induction session taking place. There were seven new starters and the manager explained that all new staff would be expected to complete a full five day programme. This ensured that all new staff received a consistent approach to induction that followed the common inductions standards skills for care.

We looked at an example of a recent complaint that had been expressed by a family member. The service had responded as appropriate and were awaiting a final response which ensured the complaint was dealt with in a timely manner.