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Archived: Harrogate - T3 Prescribing


Inspection carried out on 10 September 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with eight people who used the service. People told us that they had been provided with information about their support and treatment options. They also told us that they had been fully involved in their assessments, care planning and reviews. People were very satisfied with the service they had received. Comments made to us included �They are very good at involving you in the process� and �People actually listen to you and listen to what you want.�

Medicines were kept safely and were only handled by authorised healthcare professionals employed by the service. Secure arrangements were also in place for the management of prescriptions. People told us they were happy with the way their prescriptions and treatments were organised, with one person saying �I�ve not once had a problem with my script.�

We found that robust recruitment process was in place with appropriate checks undertaken before new staff began work.

People told us that they had opportunities to provide feedback and be involved in how the service was run. Comments included �You normally get a response if you raise something, they tell you what is changing and, if not, why� and �They ask our opinions quite a lot and take notice�. There were clear systems in place to monitor the quality of the service and identify where improvements could be made.

Inspection carried out on 24 October 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke to eight people who use the service. People told us the staff were always friendly, helpful and treated them with respect. They also said their experiences of using the service had been positive and they had been given good information and supported in the way that best suited them. Comments included �it�s what works for you and those options have always been pointed out to me�, �they are very supportive of what works for you�, �it�s all positive�, �it�s changed my life� and �from the first minute I got help�.

The records we looked at confirmed people had been involved in decisions about their care and good assessment and planning systems were in place.

We contacted five health and social care professionals who work with people who use the service. Their feedback about the service was positive. Their comments included �Their team has been excellent in recent months with a very vulnerable patient of ours�, 'Dr (name of person removed) in particular is approachable and helpful� and �our experience with CRI (Crime Reduction Initiatives) has been positive on the whole�.

Staff told us they were well supported and provided with appropriate training. Comments made by staff included �I�ve always had really good support from my line manager� and �I�m really well supported�. The records we looked at confirmed staff were provided with support through regular meetings, formal supervisions and training that was relevant to their roles.