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Archived: Stoke Integrated Treatment Substance Misuse Service: Hope St - Prescribing T3


Inspection carried out on 28 January 2014

During a routine inspection

Hope Street is part of the Stoke integrated substance misuse service. The service provides support and treatment to people who have a drug or alcohol addiction, assisting people to recover from their addition.

There are two registered managers refered to in this report. This is because Sandra Eden has moved to another position within the company but has yet to submit a formal notification to us.

We found that people who used the service had consented to their treatment and recovery plans.

Care, treatment and support were based on people's individual needs. A person who used the service said, "All the support is based on what you identify you can achieve".

Hope Street provided a clean and hygienic environment both in respect of the treatment and testing services and the.

There were sufficient suitably qualified and skilled staff to meet people's needs. Some staff believed the workload was becoming unmanageable.

The provider had systems in place to monitor and assess the quality of the service provided.

Inspection carried out on 26 February 2013

During a routine inspection

During this inspection we were unable to meet with any of the people who used the service, as people we had planned to see did not arrive. However we did speak with five recovery support workers and two manages. The senior recovery worker who managed the location was not on duty at the time of our inspection visit but we telephoned her the next day to speak with her.

There was a good staff team providing care and support to people who used the service. Staff had different skills and experiences and this made for a good skill mix of staff who could meet the needs of people using the service. A staff member told us, "This is an excellent staff team here and we support each other very well."

We found that people were supported to achieve their goals. The provider had systems in place to encourage people to attend their appointments and reviews. There were also robust processes to follow if people failed to attend.

We found that some records were out of date in respect of reviews and some processes were not always being followed. A staff member said, "There is little time to complete paperwork properly."

Staff told us that they felt overloaded with their large caseloads and that they were concerned about the effect this might have on the level of support they were able to provide to people in the future. We have asked the provider to take note of this.