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Archived: Connop & Connop Medical Services


Inspection carried out on 6 February 2014

During a routine inspection

We visited the ambulance base and offices of Connop & Connop Medical Services limited. We met with the registered provider and the registered manager of the service.

We were not able to speak with people who used the service directly to gain their views about the service they had received. We contacted three events hosts so that we could get their views about the services provided.

We looked at three vehicles and found that they were clean, well maintained and ready to use. We checked some records and found that regular cleaning, quality and safety checks were in place which ensured the safety of the people who used the service.

Recruitment procedures ensured that only staff that were suitable had been employed.

Quality monitoring systems in place ensured that the service was well managed.

Inspection carried out on 14 February 2013

During a routine inspection

We visited the service on 14 February 2013 and telephoned two event organisers who had used the service. We were not able to speak with patients directly. We were therefore shown patient satisfaction records which had been completed after treatment was provided by the service and other comments. The records or comments we looked at showed that patients had a positive experience with the service.

We looked at patient report forms which had been completed to describe the patient's assessment and treatment. We looked at records which showed that resource assessments had been made of public events so that the service could determine the type of support that should be provided.

The manager told us about the assessments they completed prior to any medical service being provided. We saw there was detailed planning in arranging how many staff were required for an event.

We saw that the service had a complaints procedure which we were shown. The manager told us this was displayed at public events so that patients had information about how to raise a concern or complaint should they wish to do so.

We looked at the service's recruitment procedure and saw there were robust systems in place for the protection of patients. We looked at staff records and saw that their training was updated regularly. We saw staff had provided references and a criminal records bureau check to the service before working at public events.