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Inspection carried out on 12 December 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with six people attending appointments in the service and five accompanying relatives. With their permission we accompanied four people during their consultation and treatment. All praised the relaxed, friendly atmosphere and spoke positively about the quality of the service. One person, following their consultation, said that staff had, "Explained everything, nice to be able to come in and ask questions." A parent told us, "Been brilliant, absolutely fabulous, very informative and very comfortable."

People told us they felt respected by staff and were fully involved in the decisions about their orthodontic care. We observed children being given time to ask any questions about their treatment and after care. One child told us how they felt comfortable with the staff, who they get to know well over the period of their treatment.

Parents told us they felt included, which helped them support their children and monitor, to ensure aftercare routines were followed. One person told us, �I come to every appointment so I can understand.� Another person told us, �As a mother I want to know what (their child�s name) needs to do.�

When we asked people if they would recommend the service to others, they told us they would. One person responded with a, �Most definitely.�

People told us the waiting and clinical areas were always clean and tidy. One person told us they were, �Very impressed, feels very clean, has been like this from day one.�