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Archived: Mr Adrian Williams - Alvechurch


Inspection carried out on 28 June 2013

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

Our inspection was unannounced so the provider did not know we were coming. As part of our inspection, we spoke with four staff about working at the practice.

Following our last inspection in March 2012, we set a compliance action where we had concerns. We found that improvements were required in the written evidence to reflect the checks and monitoring carried out by staff for the prevention and control of infections. We used this inspection to follow up in these areas. Therefore we did not speak with people who used the practice at the time of our inspection.

At this inspection, we found that there had been some changes.

We found that documentation was now being completed. We saw that staff had completed daily cleaning tasks that included checking and making sure available equipment and instruments were ready for use.

The provider had made arrangements for regular audits to be carried out to assess and monitor the prevention and control of infection. This helped the provider to maintain expected standards in cleanliness and hygiene at the practice. This ensured people who used the practice were provided with a clean and suitable treatment environment.

Inspection carried out on 13 March 2012

During a routine inspection

The practice was on the ground floor of a property in the centre of Alvechurch village. Patients needed to be able to manage a small number of steps to the front door. As parking could be difficult the practice recommends that patients with limited mobility attend a nearby practice staffed by the same dentist and dental nurses.

When we arrived at 1, The Square we were met by the practice manager, who also manages two other practices owned by the same provider and the receptionist. In addition to these people we also spoke with two dental nurses and the principal dentist who is the registered provider.

In addition to people working at the practice we also spoke with four patients who were waiting for treatment. People were complimentary about the service provided. Two patients described the practice as “excellent”. Other comments included “family dentist, very happy with him”,” wonderful” and “looks after teeth well”. One person described the cleanliness as “perfect.”

We were informed by dental staff that patients were asked to complete a medical history form detailing any hospital treatments, illness and medication. We were also informed that people were asked to check and sign their form on each subsequent visit. Patients in the waiting room who were seen filling out these forms told us that they had not seen the form before. Patients did however confirm that the dentist had previously asked them about any medication or medical treatment.

People confirmed that the dentist and nurses wore disposable gloves and aprons when providing their treatment. The dentist said that the dental nurses give patients goggles to wear while treatment is carried out. Patients we spoke with stated that they were not given goggles when attending for treatment.