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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 9 October 2012
Date of Publication: 24 November 2012
Inspection Report published 24 November 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 9 October 2012

During a routine inspection

We asked people using the service to tell us if they were making decisions about their care and support and people told us they were. People gave us lots of examples of the choices they were making on a daily basis and told us about a range of things they did with the support of staff. This indicated that staff were supporting people to make choices and to use their independent living skills. People told us staff supported them with their health needs and one person described how staff supported them with their diatry and social needs.

We asked people if they felt confident to raise any concerns they had about their service and people told us they did, people also told us they felt safe.

People gave us good feedback about staff. People told us staff were �Good� and �Caring�. One person told us they felt staff were �Really Great �.

People told us which members of staff were on their team and they told us they had support from the same small group of staff.