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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 12 September 2014
Date of Publication: 21 October 2014
Inspection Report published 21 October 2014 PDF


Inspection carried out on 12 September 2014

During a routine inspection

An inspector carried out a planned inspection and gathered evidence against the outcomes we looked at to help answer our five key questions; is the service safe, caring, effective, responsive and well led?

Due to the nature of people�s support needs we were unable to speak with people using the service. The summary is based on our observations during the inspection, discussions with a Medstar service director, speaking with four people�s relatives, five staff supporting people, a local authority care coordinator. We also reviewed at records relating to people�s care and support and the management of the service. If you wish to see the evidence supporting our summary please read the full report.

Is the service safe?

We found sufficient staff were available to deliver people�s care and support needs and they received the training required to provide safe, appropriate care and support. Appropriate checks were carried out before staff started working with people to ensure they had the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience to meet people�s care and support needs.

The provider had an effective system in place to analyse any incidents that occurred when providing care and support for people in their homes. Records were accurately maintained, which meant the risk of people receiving unsafe care was minimised.

Is the service caring?

People�s relatives told us their family members were treated with respect and dignity by the staff. We found people were supported appropriately and sensitively by kind and considerate staff. We spoke with staff who told us about how they provided care and support. Relatives we spoke with were positive about the caring nature of staff members supporting them. One relative told us, �(a care worker) is a lovely, lovely lady; she really is. She is so patient with (my relative) and is very encouraging. All of the staff are very helpful and friendly.� Another relative told us, �They (the staff) are very careful to consider (my relative�s) wishes. They respect them as a person and an individual.� People�s relatives told us their family members felt safe in the service.

Is the service effective?

People�s health and care needs were assessed with them and their relatives and other relevant people and healthcare professionals where appropriate. We saw evidence to show relatives or advocates and had been involved in developing and agreeing their care plans. Specialist dietary and healthcare needs had been identified in care plans where required. People were supported to access activities that were appropriate for them. Relatives we spoke with told us their family members received the support needed. A relative told us, �I am very, very happy with Medstar. They provide more individual care and support.� People�s care was subject to regular review so staff could ensure their needs were being met effectively.

A local authority care coordinator told us, �Staff are clearly up to speed and are skilled at what they do. The progress people make is evidence of that. It compares favourably to larger services. They provide specialist care for people with autistic spectrum disorders.�

Is the service responsive?

Staff we spoke with demonstrated they would report any concerns to the registered manager or other senior staff and were confident these would be addressed. This was confirmed by a relative we spoke with who told us, �Staff are very good at letting me know if there have been any changes. I feel fully informed.� A local authority care coordinator told us, �Staff are clearly up to speed and responsive to people�s needs. The service compares very favourably to larger services I work with.

We saw there was an effective complaints procedure in place. One person told us, �I haven�t had any cause to make a complaint but I am sure they (the staff) would deal with it appropriately. I have been encouraged by staff to raise any issues or concerns with them however small they seem and they have always acted accordingly.�

Is the service well led?

Relatives we spoke with, staff and the local authority care coordinator were very positive about the management of the service. Staff told us they felt supported by the registered manager and other office staff. A relative told us, �The managers make us feel like we�re part of a family. They are very caring. We found monitoring and reviews of the service were carried out regularly with necessary actions identified and completed in a timely manner.