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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 19 March 2012
Date of Publication: 1 May 2012
Inspection Report published 1 May 2012 PDF

There should be enough members of staff to keep people safe and meet their health and welfare needs (outcome 13)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are safe and their health and welfare needs are met by sufficient numbers of appropriate staff.

How this check was done

Our judgement

Information we were given told us staff were not always available to meet people’s needs. However the manager has provided an action plan telling us how staff are utilised to ensure people’s needs are met.

User experience

People we spoke with on York unit told us that it was difficult to locate staff when they were sat in the lounge. They often did not see staff for over an hour and there was no call system to alert staff assistance was required. Relatives also told us that when they visited they could be in the lounge for an hour or more and not see a member of staff.

Other evidence

We did not look at this outcome in full, however while at the service we were given information and observed a number of issues.

We spent time on York unit talking to people and their relatives and visitors. We were told there was no call system available in the lounge, a hand bell had been given to people but was not always heard. People told us on occasions they did not see staff for over an hour when they were sat in the lounge. Relatives also told us when they visited they did not always see staff in the lounge. We have been informed by the provider that two call alarms will be fitted on 3 April 2012.

One visitor told us that one person often wanted the toilet and staff were not around, on one occasion when they were visiting, the person could not wait any longer for staff and had an accident, the visitor told us it was very distressing for the person and everyone else in the lounge.

While we were talking with people one person called for staff as they required taking to the toilet, we rang the hand bell and waited ten minutes, no staff arrived. The inspector went to look for staff on the unit there were no staff available. It was identified two care staff were in one room and one care staff with another person, the qualified nurse was on the upstairs unit. There were no staff present in the communal areas.

We discussed this with the manager and the provider, who agreed to look at dependency and the care staff required to meet people’s needs. It was suggested the activity coordinators may be utilised to provide activities when care staff were unavailable to be able to observe people in communal areas for safety.

The manager has completed the dependency tool and provided us with the actions they are taking to ensure communal areas are observed by staff to ensure people’s safety.