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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 13 December 2012
Date of Publication: 9 January 2013
Inspection Report published 9 January 2013 PDF | 103.65 KB


Inspection carried out on 13 December 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with five people who used the service and two visitors/relatives as part of our visit. Individuals we spoke with were very satisfied with the care and activities within the service. One person told us “There are varied activities in the home and I get visits from my family.” Another person said “I cannot fault the place at all, the care is very good and the staff are lovely.” One relative told us “The staff are very supportive towards my mother. She can make her own decisions about what she wants to do each day and feels confident in talking to the staff about any changes to her care on a day to day basis.”

We spoke with people about the food provided in the service and they told us, ‘It is very good, I have no complaints” and “The food is lovely, there is plenty of it and it tastes nice.”

People who used the service were satisfied with the care they received and said that they did not have to wait too long for staff to come when they needed assistance. Individuals told us “Staff are friendly, helpful and supportive.”

People and relatives we spoke with were confident of using the complaints system in place and satisfied that staff or the manager would take action to solve their problems.

We found that the service was clean, tidy and there were no malodours in the building. However, we had a few minor concerns about infection control practices which we have addressed in our report.