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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 11 November 2010
Date of Publication: 22 December 2010
Inspection Report published 22 December 2010 PDF


Inspection carried out on 11 November 2010

During an inspection in response to concerns

We have identified that there are gaps in some of the paperwork that should be in place, such as care plans relating to individual and specialist needs of people who live at the service. Although there are gaps in recording, people told us they enjoyed living at the home and gave examples of how they had improved since going to live there. For example one person told us that their mobility was much better since moving into the home.

Although people told us that they feel safe and would report any concerns they had to the acting manager, we have identified that there are improvements needed in how the provider investigates any allegations of abuse when these arise. We know that not all staff have received safeguarding training although this has now been arranged.

We had been made aware that an audit of how the home deals with people's medication had found gaps in recording. We spoke to a number of people who live at the home and they told us that they received their medication when they needed it, and were always offered medication if it had been prescribed on an "as and when basis". We saw that the systems for recording and auditing had improved very recently.

People who live at the home told us that they like it there. They told us that the staff were polite, friendly and helped them when they needed it. One person told us that the recent increase in staffing levels has made the service better and has meant that they don�t have to wait above a couple of minutes for help if they use their buzzers. Two visitors also said that they had noticed a difference with the increase in staff. People told us that they are supported to be independent where possible and gave examples of this around their own personal care and medical requirements.