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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 9 August 2011
Date of Publication: 5 December 2011
Inspection Report published 5 December 2011 PDF


Inspection carried out on 9 August 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

People said they liked the home and that it was better since it had been made into two. The downstairs door was open and people were moving freely between the two homes which they said they usually did.

People said they liked their own space. They said they could spend time in their bedroom if they wanted to be on their own or go into the lounge or dining areas if they wanted to be with other people. People said they could get up and go to bed at the time they wanted. They said they helped with some of the cooking and chopping for the meals. People said the new manager was nice and they would go to her if they had a problem.

Not everyone in the home was able to talk to us so we spent time with people in the main areas of the home and observed what was happening so that we could get an idea of their experience.