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St Magnus Hospital and St Magnus Nursing Outstanding

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 14 June 2011
Date of Publication: 21 July 2011
Inspection Report published 21 July 2011 PDF


Inspection carried out on 14 June 2011

During a routine inspection

This visit looked at the outcome areas in St Magnus Hospital and we spoke to people who were accommodated at St Magnus Hospital. We looked at each of the 4 wards in the hospital, which included New Park House, which opened 3 weeks before our visit

We spoke to people and they told us that they were treated well by the staff. They said that the staff ask them if they want any support and that there was always someone around to help.

One person described staff as respectful and polite and said that he can ask for support if he needs it. Another person told us that he knew what medication he was taking and knew that he could refuse to take his medication but understood the procedures that would follow his refusal. Another person said that he had been given an award for his art work, which was displayed in the communal area.

People told us that they were able to make their own decisions about what activities they would like to take part in. One person said that he would like to have more books and suggested that a mobile library visits. Another person told us that he likes to do crosswords and said that staff supports him with this.

People told us that they liked St Magnus and said the environment was first class. One person said how much he liked his room and that he had everything he needed.

We spoke with staff during the visit and they told us that staffing levels were sufficient to meet people�s needs. Staff also told us that they talk to people about the support and assistance they are giving and that there are good handovers at the beginning of each shift.

We also spoke to the family liaison officer and she told us the staff are very good and commented �this place is amazing�. She said that staff are knowledgeable and well trained and that patients are asked about everything and are treated with dignity and their privacy is respected.