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Inspection Summary

Overall summary & rating


Updated 13 February 2019

We rated this service as Good overall.

We found good practice in relation to diagnostic imaging:

  • The service managed staffing effectively and services always had enough staff with the appropriate skills, experience and training to keep patients safe and to meet their care needs.

  • There were effective systems in place to keep people protected from avoidable harm.

  • Staff understood their obligations regarding patient consent and the Mental Capacity Act.

  • There was a programme in place for mandatory training, which all staff completed along with competencies check specific for diagnostics services.

  • Equipment was well maintained and serviced appropriately.

  • Environment was visibly clean and clutter free.

  • Staff demonstrated good understanding of safeguarding and were able to evidence this during our inspection.

  • Medicines were stored securely and were managed in line with best practice.

  • Staff knew how to report incident and learning from incidents was implemented.

  • The service used evidence-based processes and best practice, this followed recognised protocols. They used technology to improve the service they provided.

  • Staff were skilled and competent in their fields and kept up to date with their professional practice.

  • Scans were timely, effective and passed back to refers to be reported on.

  • Records were kept up to date, legible and easy to read.

  • The service worked well with external and internal colleagues, and staff worked well as a team.

  • Flexible appointments were available during day, evenings and weekends.

  • Risks were identified, assessed and mitigated. Performances was closely monitored, and data was used to improve the service for both patients and staff.

  • The service was managed by supportive staff and competent managers.

  • Staff understood vision and values of the organisation.

  • Staff morale and culture was positive, and staff demonstrated a professional and passionate attitude towards work and patients.

Inspection areas



Updated 13 February 2019

We rated safe as Good because:

  • There were effective systems in place to keep people safe from avoidable harm.

  • Staffing was sufficient to keep people safe.

  • Risks to patient was identified and assessed effectively, this was supported by robust safety processes.

  • Equipment was maintained and serviced appropriately, and the environment was visibly clean.

  • Staff were compliant with infection prevention and control practices.

  • Staff were trained and understood what to do if a safeguarding concern issue was identified.

  • The serviced had good levels of compliance with mandatory training.

  • Records were up to date, complete and kept safe from unauthorised access.

  • Medicines were managed in line with best practice.

  • Incidents were reported, investigated and learning was implemented.


Updated 13 February 2019



Updated 13 February 2019

We rated caring as Good because:

  • Staff demonstrated a kind and caring approach to their patients.

  • Interactions were professional, respectful and courteous.

  • Staff supported the emotional needs of patients and provided reassurance.

  • Staff communicated well with patients, parents and carers and ensured their questions were answered.

  • Patients’ information was kept safe and was treated confidentially.



Updated 13 February 2019

We rated responsive as Good because:

  • The service was planned with the needs of service users and partner organisations in mind.

  • The facilities and environment were pleasant and suitable for use by patients.

  • Appointments were available during the evenings and weekends to accommodate all patients.

  • Appointments were available at short notice and the referral to scan times and scan to reporting times were brief.

  • The service catered for nervous and anxious patients.

  • The service had few complaints but acted upon feedback from patients, staff and incidents.



Updated 13 February 2019

We rated well-led as Good because:

  • The service was aligned to the vision and values of host hospital and own organisation.

  • The service had supportive, competent managers who led by example.

  • Staff understood and were invested in the vision and values of the organisation.

  • The culture was positive and staff demonstrated pride in the work and the service provided.

  • Governance structures were robust. The service used performance data, learning from events and professional attitude to improve and expand the service provided, quality and the patient experience.

  • Risks were identified, assessed and mitigated. Performance was monitored and data used to seek improvements.

  • Information was utilised and managed well. Data was kept secure and was organised well to assist with management actions.

  • Engagement with staff, stakeholders and partners was a strong feature of the service.
Checks on specific services

Diagnostic imaging


Updated 13 February 2019

MRI was the only Diagnostic activity the service provided at this site.

We rated this service as ‘good’ because it was safe, caring, responsive and well-led. We did not rate the ‘effective’ domain.