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Archived: Dimensions - 199 Doseley Road

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 6 April 2011
Date of Publication: 27 May 2011
Inspection Report published 27 May 2011 PDF

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People should be cared for by staff who are properly qualified and able to do their job (outcome 12)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are safe and their health and welfare needs are met by staff who are fit, appropriately qualified and are physically and mentally able to do their job.

How this check was done

Our judgement

People who live at 199 Doseley Road can have confidence in the staff at the home because checks have been done to make sure that they are suitable to support them and they are well trained to enable them to meet people’s needs safely and effectively.

User experience

We did not speak with the people using the service about requirements relating to workers however observations at the time of our visit suggested that staff have formed good relationships with the people they support. People were relaxed in staff’s company and confident to fetch or call staff to help them.

Other evidence

During the past twelve months there have been some issues in relation to staffing within the home that have impacted on the quality of care provided. For example there was a high use of agency within the home and we were told that this negatively affected the behaviours of people living at the home. The home is now fully staffed and the organisation has recruited a ‘bank’ of staff to call on to enable the home to offer consistency. One person told us, “The home now employs a better calibre of staff who are confident, upfront and capable”. Other people who spoke with us reflected this opinion.

Likewise training opportunities have improved for staff and the manager is confident that all staff have now completed all mandatory training and have either completed, or are in the process of completing, some additional courses developed to meet the specific needs of people living at 199 Doseley Road.

Staff told us that they feel well trained and people in particular commented that the induction program is very detailed and thorough enabling staff to be aware of the care and support needs of people ensuring continuity and good quality care. One staff member told us that the training had given them confidence to do their job and they valued this.

Training records showed staff training undertaken and the manager monitors this to ensure training remains up to date and current. The manager arranges retraining following incidents to ensure that staff remain knowledgeable about peoples needs.

One person said that the ‘Our Approach’ training was “Superb”. A health care professional told us, “The home is always open to training”.

We reviewed the records of the last two staff to join the team. Recruitment records contained all required information to ensure the suitability of the person to undertake the role required of them within the home. The staff we spoke with recalled having to provide references and having to wait until their CRB disclosure had been returned before they started work. Staff understood why this was important to protect vulnerable people.