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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 9 April 2013
Date of Publication: 8 May 2013
Inspection Report published 8 May 2013 PDF | 83.57 KB


Inspection carried out on 9 April 2013

During a routine inspection

We spoke with two people using the service and their comments included, "staff do a wonderful job here. I recently moved here, it has gone well so far. This is the most comfortable home I have ever known. The service has done a lot for me; I would recommend it. The staff understand my challenges and they help keep me motivated".

We spoke with three mental health professionals involved in the care of people using the service, they spoke positively about the support people received and of them moving on successfully after a period of admission in the home. Their comments to us included, "The staff are helpful and they have kept us up to date with what is going on for people". Another care coordinator told us "the provider and staff have worked in innovative ways to get the best outcomes for people, a person who experienced frequent relapses in their mental health which lead to their homelessness has been enabled to remain stable and avoid hospital readmission since using the service".

A care coordinator involved with people using the service said "staff are very creative, they have clear boundaries which assist people overcome obstacles, staff are firm but kind, they work with people in a caring and respectful way"