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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 15 July 2011
Date of Publication: 12 September 2011
Inspection Report published 12 September 2011 PDF | 66.54 KB


Inspection carried out on 15 July 2011

During a routine inspection

During our visit to Redford Court we spoke in private with a number of the people who live there. We found that people were positive about the service they received and the support they got from the staff team.

People told us that they are supported to make decisions for themselves. For example one person told us, “It’s great living here. Can do what you want. I decide what to do” and explained that staff offered encouragement but they “don’t make you”.

Everyone we spoke with confirmed that they were encouraged to express their views openly. They were of the opinion that these views were taken into account by staff in making decisions about the care and treatment they received. People told us that staff listened to their point of view and offered advice but wherever possible they were enabled to make their own decisions.

People told us that they were able to get involved in a number of activities during the day and that staff were available to support them through this. One person explained, “I am very pleased, one of the best places I have been. Plenty of opportunity to go out”.

In discussions the people living at Redford Court told us that they got the support they needed and wanted with their personal and health care. One person told us, “Staff do everything. I am glad of the staff”, another that, “Staff help you out, they look after you”. They said they were confident staff knew what they were doing and used equipment safely and well. People also told us that they receive a number of therapies including occupational therapy, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. In addition they got input from a number of other professionals including a speech and language therapist and a Neuro-Psychologist. People also told us that they had no concerns or issues with the way their medication was managed.

We asked people if they felt Redford Court was a safe place to live and if they personally felt safe living there. Everyone we spoke with told us that they did feel safe with one person telling us, "Of course it’s safe. They look after you”. People also told us that staff responded to anyone becoming aggressive or upset calmly and gave advice if needed. People told us that this approach helped them to feel calmer and one person told us that the support they were getting to manage their anger was working well for them.

People told us that they had confidence in the staff team and received the support that they needed from them. Their comments included, “Staff are lovely for what they do for me” and “staff are all good”.

We asked people if they felt staff knew how to do their job safely and well and they told us that in their view staff were competent. One person explained, “very good, best staff, all switched on” and another that “staff know what they are doing”.