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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 7 January 2011
Date of Publication: 3 March 2011
Inspection Report published 3 March 2011 PDF | 71.78 KB


Inspection carried out on 7 January 2011

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

We talked to four people in their rooms and spent time hearing about their experiences of living at Shire House. They were all able to answer direct questions about the home and seemed at ease and happy to share their views. People told us about their own individual daily routines, and how they made choices about where they spent their time. They told us that staff supported them to maintain friendships.

One person told us that the carers knew them very well, and that a member of staff wrote the care plan with them. We saw that they had signed their own care plan.

We also met seven other people during our visit as they made their way into the dining room or as they waited for the lunch. They told us that there was a choice of meals, and explained that they could make specific requests for meals.

People were all able to answer direct questions about their care and well-being. One person told us that a group of the staff were ‘‘born carers’’ and that the staff were ‘’delightful’’. Another person said they felt that their loss of physical independence was tempered by being treated as an equal by staff. A third person said that staff were ‘’OK’’ and a fourth said that the staff had literally saved their life and that they were ‘’wonderful’’. A fifth person told us that they were ‘’wonderfully cared for’’. People felt they knew who to talk to if they had a complaint or a concern.

People told us that their environment helped maintain their well-being, such as being able to bring in their own furniture and being able to receive visitors in their rooms. Four people told us their beds were very comfortable and that they were warm. People told us that their large bed sit style bedrooms gave them a feeling of independence. Nearly all were personalised with people’s own furniture, such as three piece suites, pictures, plants and ornaments. People told us this was important to them.

People told us that they had good contact with health care professionals and could give us examples of the type of care they received, which was reflected in their care records.

People told us about how they had moved to the home, although some were unclear about the specifics as they had been quite ill at the time and had to leave the choice to their spouses or relatives.

People spoke to us generally about the home, which they felt was well run and they told us that they felt well cared for. One person said they would like to see the manager more as they spent time in their room and therefore did not see her in the communal areas but they were clear that they could speak to other staff members if they had a problem.