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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 17 June 2014
Date of Publication: 26 July 2014
Inspection Report published 26 July 2014 PDF


Inspection carried out on 17 June 2014

During an inspection looking at part of the service

This was a responsive review to follow up on the last planned inspection on the 10 October 2013 where we found that the provider was operating an ineffective system to monitor consultants' practising privileges. We also checked assessment practices and incident management systems as there had been a significant increase in the number of notifications regarding clinical incidences in the hospital in the last eight months.

We found that the provider had taken adequate steps to ensure that all consultants working at the hospital were robustly checked to ensure they were appropriately qualified and competent to provide safe care to patients.

We looked at assessment practices because of the number and types of incidents reported to us recently. We found that the provider had put in additional checks to improve patient safety regarding risks of developing blood clots post-surgery and also prosthesis checking practices for safe joint replacement surgery.

We found that the provider did not have a consistent effective incident management system in place to ensure changes to treatment or care provided was actioned in a timely manner to always protect patients from incidents that had the potential to do harm.