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Oaktree Care Home Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 14, 21 November 2011
Date of Publication: 8 December 2011
Inspection Report published 8 December 2011 PDF | 52.22 KB


Inspection carried out on 14, 21 November 2011

During an inspection in response to concerns

We reviewed the service as a result of concerns which had been raised with South Gloucestershire Council through the safeguarding team. The concerns raised focused on the dementia care floor of the home.

We saw evidence of good team work and a supportive environment. The staff that we spoke with all said that they had not experienced any bullying within their work environment and that they felt supported by the current peripatetic manager.

There were practical signs of minimal staffing levels on duty both during the day and at night. We observed some gaps in record keeping and staff told us that they had been short staffed on the day of our visit. They told us they had not really had time to take breaks. We saw that although there were enough staff rostered on to work each shift within the home as a whole the numbers of staff rostered on each floor did not reflect the staffing ratios expected for the number of residents within the home.

Staff we spoke with demonstrated a good understanding of the people's needs but appeared under pressure to fulfil care tasks due to minimal staffing levels. Despite minimal staffing levels we observed both day and night staff treating people with dignity and respect. We saw staff talking to people in a calm and clear manner and going at people’s pace.

No-one living in the home was able to look after their own medicines at the time of our inspection. All medicines are looked after and given by staff. We saw staff giving people their morning medicines in a safe and respectful way.

We saw that one person had not wanted to take their medicines when they were first offered. The nurse returned later to offer them again. When they were again not wanted nursing staff safely disposed of the medicines. We saw another person was not awake at the time of the medicine round and that although staff tried to wake the person they were not able to take their medicines at that time. The nurse returned later to administer their medicines.

We observed that people are given medicines in a caring and sensitive way. Medicines were put into a plastic medicine cup and people were supported to take their medicines in a manner that they wished. We saw that nursing staff put each tablet (or capsule) onto a spoon in order that people could take their medicines one at a time.