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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 16, 17 April 2013
Date of Publication: 3 May 2013
Inspection Report published 3 May 2013 PDF | 84.16 KB


Inspection carried out on 16, 17 April 2013

During a routine inspection

Two people that we spoke with were able to tell us that they were happy with the care and support provided to them. We also found most of the representative�s of people living at the service told us, staff usually asked them for their help or advice. This included being invited to contribute and to attend reviews about their relative�s care. When visiting the home, two representative�s explained how staff sometimes missed an opportunity to allow them to contribute to their relative�s care needs. They had expected staff to include them wherever possible.

People told us they enjoyed the variety and quality of meals available. Comments included, �the food�s very nice� and �I enjoy the meals�.

Some of the people we spoke to were able to confirm they had suitable equipment to meet their needs and support them in maintaining their independence.

Two people told us they were happy to live at the home and had no complaints. They said they would speak to the manager if they had any concerns. Representative�s of people who spoke with us told us they were happy to use the systems in place. They told us they would be able to raise a concern and would expect it to be dealt with to their satisfaction.