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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 30 August 2013
Date of Publication: 25 September 2013
Inspection Report published 25 September 2013 PDF


Inspection carried out on 30 August 2013

During an inspection looking at part of the service

Our inspection of 16 May 2013 found that people did not always experience care and support that met their needs. For example, weight loss had not been followed up for two people and we found examples of care records not being kept up to date and accurate. We also found that people were not protected against the risks associated with medication because safe arrangements were not in place.

At this inspection we found that improvements had been made and this was confirmed by the people we spoke with. We also saw written evidence that action had been taken to address the shortfalls previously identified.

Therefore, people were receiving care and attention which met their needs and people were protected against the risks associated with medicines, because the provider had appropriate arrangements in place to manage the administration of medicines safely.

One person who used the service told us, �It is lovely here. We are taken care of very well.� Another person told us how the staff made sure they received their medication on time and that they thought �care was very well organised.� We observed staff supporting people and offering assistance as needed. This was done in a calm, professional and organised way.

Staff were spoken about in a positive way by people who used the service. They were described as kind and thoughtful. Without exception, people gave us the impression that their experiences at Borrage House were positive and that they received a good standard of care.