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The Hawthorns Requires improvement

We have removed an inspection report for The Hawthorns from 11 December 2018. The removal of the report is not related to the provider or the quality of this service. We found an issue with some of the information gathered by an individual who supported our inspection. We will reinspect this service as soon as possible and publish a new inspection report.
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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 3 February 2014
Date of Publication: 8 March 2014
Inspection Report published 08 March 2014 PDF


Inspection carried out on 3 February 2014

During a routine inspection

The majority of people we spoke with were satisfied with the care and treatment. For example people told us, �They look after me well�; �Everything is OK�; �They look after me brilliantly, I am off my medication and I am going home soon to my family�; and, �My care is spot on, there are no problems at all, the food is spot on and hot.�

As some people who used the service had complex communication needs, they were not able to share with us their experiences. Therefore, during the inspection we observed the quality of interaction between staff and people on the unit where people with dementia were accommodated.

During our observation, we saw staff offered people eye contact and took time to communicate clearly. We saw staff were attentive and responsive to people�s different needs. We saw they took time to help people eat, drink and with their care needs and asked people before intervening with care tasks. We observed staff used eye contact, touch and appropriate humour to provide care with compassion. Where necessary, staff offered re-assurance and diversion when people became unsettled or agitated.

Before people received any care or treatment they were asked for their consent and the provider acted in accordance with their wishes. Where people did not have the capacity to consent, the provider acted in accordance with legal requirements.

Care and treatment was planned and delivered in a way that was intended to ensure people's safety and welfare. The needs of people who used the service were assessed, where necessary care plans developed, and interventions and progress was monitored and reviewed.

We looked around the home and its environment. We saw that it was decorated to a good standard and was well maintained across all three units. There was no evidence of malodour and the environment, furniture and fittings appeared clean. The decorative finish was suitable for the needs of people using the service. People who use the service, staff and visitors were protected against the risks of unsafe or unsuitable premises.

The provider had carried out appropriate pre-employment checks to ensure the suitability of staff. People were cared for, or supported by, suitably qualified, skilled and experienced staff.

People were made aware of the complaints system. We found people had their comments and complaints listened to and acted on, without the fear that they would be discriminated against for making a complaint. Also people�s complaints were fully investigated and resolved, where possible, to their satisfaction.