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Phoenix House Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 12, 13 January 2012
Date of Publication: 2 April 2012
Learning Disabilities Reviews Report published 2 April 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 12, 13 January 2012

During a themed inspection looking at Learning Disability Services

There were 11 people using services at Phoenix House when we visited. We met and introduced ourselves to all the people using the provider�s services over the two days we visited. We spoke to four people using services in more depth to get their views of the service. People told us, �I was alright coming to live here.� and �I like it here because it�s� nice and big.�

People told us about their care plans and how staff supported them. One person told us, �I like being here, I feel safe.� Another person told us how staff kept them safe should they fall when not well. People we spoke with told us they were happy living at Phoenix House and liked the staff.

We asked people what they did during the day and they told us about shopping trips and going on holiday. One person told us �I love going on holiday with Phoenix House.� Another person said,� I love the dinners here.� One person however told us, � We don�t do much at weekends.�

We spoke with one person who was living in the annex at Phoenix House which offered them more independence. They told us, � I like living in this house but I like company so I have my meals at Phoenix House.�

People told us about seeing their GP and dentist and having other regular health care checks. We saw that one person attended their doctor�s appointment at the surgery independently, they told us they were happy to do this.

Relatives we spoke with had no concerns about the care of their family member. One relative told us, �name calls Phoenix House her �second home�.� Another relative told us, �They go out of their way to make things good for him.� Relatives told us that staff had worked hard to make things better for their family members. One relative told us, �I cannot think of a single fault with the home.�