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Archived: Partridge Care Centre Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 14 September 2011
Date of Publication: 4 October 2011
Inspection Report published 4 October 2011 PDF | 48.9 KB


Inspection carried out on 14 September 2011

During an inspection to make sure that the improvements required had been made

People living in Partridge Court Nursing Home told us there had been significant improvement throughout the home in such areas as cleanliness, food provision, laundry and staffing levels. People with whom we spoke said “There seems to be a lot more staff than there used to be. In a way it doesn’t really affect me at all because I can do most things myself.”

Relatives, with whom we spoke, made positive comments about general improvements in the service provided for the people living in Partridge Court Nursing Home. One person said "We have really noticed so much improvement in the cleanliness, staffing numbers and the general care."

People told us they were offered some social stimulation, one person said “Last week we went in to town with a couple of carers. We went around the shops and had lunch in a café, ending up with ice creams. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We have asked when we could do it again; they said they needed to make sure that everyone gets a chance to go out. This is the first time I have been out of the home in 18 months.”

Relatives told us that they had noticed the difference in the premises at how much cleaner it is now. People said that the "Staffing levels were much improved" and they didn't ever worry that their relative was not cared for and never felt uncomfortable. They never saw people distressed and not attended to. They identified however that "There is a better atmosphere now." They said were satisfied with the care provided for their relative.