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Archived: Partridge Care Centre Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 10 March 2011
Date of Publication: 6 May 2011
Inspection Report published 6 May 2011 PDF | 177.05 KB

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Inspection carried out on 10 March 2011

During a routine inspection

Where people were unable to provide a verbal response or tell us verbally their experiences, for example as a result of their limited verbal communication or poor cognitive ability, we noted their non verbal cues and these indicated that people were generally relaxed and comfortable.

Relatives, health and social care professionals and staff members with whom we spoke during the course of this review had differing views on the quality of the care and support provided for the people living at Partridge Court Nursing Home.

One relative with whom we spoke confirmed they were happy with their relative’s care and support and found staff to be kind and caring. They told us, “We have nothing but praise, can’t fault it!” and “The food’s good, the care’s good, it’s clean at all times.”

One relative said that they felt their relative was at risk from challenging outbursts from other people living in the home, from the lack of staff to care for people and from poor hygiene practices. They said that they felt that the staff members giving the person the care were doing their best in the circumstances.

People living at Partridge Court Nursing Home with whom we spoke during our visit on 10 March 2011 told us “The food is magnificent” and “On the whole we are pretty happy with things.”

People living in the home told us that they found the environment to be clean and tidy. Others told us they liked their personal room and were able, when they moved in, to bring in personal belongings and, where appropriate, small items of furniture, so as to make it homely.

Relatives of people living in the home, health and social care professionals and staff members with whom we spoke told us that they believe there to be insufficient staff at the service to safely meet the needs of the people living there. One relative with said, in respect of one of the units providing support to people with dementia, "The problem is with consistency, a person gets used to staff and takes to them and then they are moved around to other units, and this affects the person. Staffing levels are not always enough, sometimes at weekends for example there are only two staff on this unit. If they have to go and deal with personal care in someone's room, there are no staff left to supervise those people in the lounge. It's not really safe."

Relatives of people living in the home told us they knew how to make a complaint.