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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 2 October 2012
Date of Publication: 19 October 2012
Inspection Report published 19 October 2012 PDF

People should get safe and appropriate care that meets their needs and supports their rights (outcome 4)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Experience effective, safe and appropriate care, treatment and support that meets their needs and protects their rights.

How this check was done

Our judgement

The provider was meeting this standard.

People experienced care, treatment and support that met their needs and protected their rights.

User experience

One person sat with us for a while when we read their care plan and talked with us about some of the content. They confirmed that they had been involved in compiling the care plan, understood it, and demonstrated that they were interested in their personal information.

We observed that people were encouraged to make choices about their daily lives and staff supported them to gain independence skills and confidence.

Other evidence

Each person had a comprehensive individual care plan that had been developed from an initial assessment of their needs.

We read three people’s care plans and saw that people had been consulted about them and had contributed information themselves. The care plans included photographs and pictures that helped to describe the activities that people had taken part in and the skills they were gaining. For example, cooking, housework and attending the gym to become healthier.

People had signed their care plans and we saw that they had also signed when information was brought up to date.

People’s likes and dislikes and preferences in relation to how they liked their care and support provided were recorded. The care plans gave clear guidance for staff to follow, the information was reviewed each month and any changes were recorded.

Individual risk assessments and support plans had been completed so that people were kept safe when undertaking certain activities at home or in the community. For example cooking or going to football matches.

A monthly record was kept of what each person had planned to do that month and had achieved. For example, withdrawing money from the bank independently, being supported with shopping and to go out for meals.

Each person had an individual personal activities planner. The ethos of the home was to support people to gain the skills and confidence they needed to be able to become as independent as possible, and in some cases to be able to live more independently.

Some people were able to access the community independently, others needed staff to support them. Two people had gone out to day activities during our inspection, others were going shopping, to the bank or spending time at home. One person told us they regularly went to football matches and were going to see Arsenal play the following day. People were supported to go on holidays abroad, one person told us they had been to Turkey on holiday and were returning there later this year.

Each person had a separate health folder with information and documents relating to their personal health needs. The folders were accessible to people and information was provided in text, pictures and photographs. We saw that people were supported to attend regular health appointments with health professionals such as dentists, their GP and chiropodists. Medication was reviewed six monthly to make sure the medication people were taking and the dosages were still appropriate for them.

People were supported to manage their own health needs. For example two people managed their medication independently. We saw they signed when they had taken it and staff audited the medication recording sheets to make sure they had been correctly completed.

People were supported improve their health if necessary. One person had achieved considerable weight loss through going to the gym and generally being more active.

The home had arrangements in place to deal with foreseeable emergencies. For example, individual evacuation plans were in place for each person in the event of a fire.