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Date of Inspection: 30 December 2010
Date of Publication: 9 February 2011
Inspection Report published 9 February 2011 PDF

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People should be cared for in safe and accessible surroundings that support their health and welfare (outcome 10)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are in safe, accessible surroundings that promote their wellbeing.

How this check was done

Our judgement

People using the service benefited from a safe and comfortable environment.

User experience

We did not gather any information from people who use the service in relation to this outcome.

Other evidence

Pinewood & Hollywood is a purpose built care service, which is divided into two separate living areas and accommodation. Four people reside in each area.

We visited and observed most areas of the service. We found the home to be well maintained, with a good standard of décor and furnishings. The provider explained that the premises are suitable for the regulated activity, as they are a pair of purpose-built, adapted bungalows. The provider stated that people using the service have individual bedrooms, for which they can have their own key. Bedrooms meet size and space requirements, being large enough for use by people requiring a wheelchair and for staff carrying out any necessary manual handling/personal care activities.

We noted that safety measures, such as low surface temperature radiators, were in place. A fire action notice was on display by the fire panel and gave staff clear instructions on what to do. Fire equipment had been checked. We saw that people were able to move freely around the building without restriction.

There was a health and safety manual where any faults were recorded. There were regular checks of all the systems and installations in the service. The provider told us that there is a maintenance handbook on site, which clearly identifies roles, responsibilities and procedures around repairs and maintenance. The provider also stated that risks are identified, assessed, managed and reviewed, either within individual risk assessments kept in individual’s files or within the general health and safety risk assessment documents.

We looked that the monthly health and safety audits completed. The last audit was completed in October 2010. The audits for November and December could not be located.