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Lindhurst Lodge Residential Home Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 15 February 2011
Date of Publication: 14 March 2011
Inspection Report published 14 March 2011 PDF

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Inspection carried out on 15 February 2011

During a routine inspection

A number of people who lived at Lindhurst Lodge had conditions that meant they had difficulty talking with people and therefore had varied methods of communication. Some people were able to express their views clearly, others were not able to verbally communicate with us. Due to people�s communication needs, during the site visit we sat with people in communal areas and observed them closely. This meant we were able to ascertain whether their needs were met.

People that were able told us that overall they were happy living at the home and satisfied with the care and support they were receiving.

Relatives said that they were satisfied with the support provided to their loved ones and were always made to feel welcome at the home when they visited.

Health and social care professionals told us that they were satisfied with the level of care, staff provided to people. They said that the new manager was doing a fantastic job and this was helping to improve the standard of care and support provided to people.

We observed that staff treated people with dignity and respect. However improvements were necessary during meal times, so that people�s dining experience was enhanced. People were not always given choices and meal times was treated by staff as a task rather than an activity that would compliment people�s daily life.

We were concerned that there was not always a trained member of staff on duty, during the night, to administer medication. This was addressed by the manager on the day of the site visit. She confirmed that immediate action would be taken to resolve this.

Over the last 12 month�s there had been five incidents that had been investigated under safeguarding procedures. This was to make sure people living at the service were safe. All these issues were now resolved. Following safeguarding meetings, actions were given to the provider to address the concerns. The safeguarding team told us they were satisfied that the provider had taken the necessary action and that people living in the home were safe.

Work was underway to improve the information in people�s care plans. However further work was needed to ensure that care plans reflected people�s current health and welfare needs. We saw that some care plans were not fully completed and some information was out of date.

Health care professionals, relatives and people all told us that they felt the environment at Lindhurst Lodge needed upgrading. Some decorating and repair work had already commenced, however the home needed a significant upgrade so that the environment was appealing and fresh.