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Archived: Powell House

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 25, 29 March 2011
Date of Publication: 29 July 2011
Inspection Report published 29 July 2011 PDF

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Staff should be properly trained and supervised, and have the chance to develop and improve their skills (outcome 14)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are safe and their health and welfare needs are met by competent staff.

How this check was done

Our judgement

Staff are experienced and had received suitable training to ensure they are able to meet the needs of the people living in the home.

On the basis of the evidence provided we found the service to compliant with this outcome.

User experience

Staff we spoke to told us that they felt supported and that they felt they received the training they needed to do the job.

Other evidence

The provider’s registration application told us that they are compliant with this outcome.

Staff members we spoke to told us that generally the people employed at Powell House got along well and helped each other whenever necessary. There was a calm atmosphere throughout the home with good rapport observed between staff and people who lived in the home. We observed that staff who spoke warmly to people and treated them as individuals.

We spoke to one new member of staff who told us that they had just commenced working in the home. They were in the process of working through an induction. They were acting in a supernumerary capacity, were aware what tasks they should not be assisting with until they had received appropriate training and told us of training that they had been booked to attend.

Staff spoken with during the visit told us they have a regular opportunity to meet with their manager for supervision and that there are weekly team meetings, which they find ensures good communication between the team.

Staff also spoke of training they have completed and systems in place to identify when refresher training is necessary. They spoke of training being provided and updates of training being undertaken to ensure that they have the necessary skills to meet the people’s individual care needs. We spoke to the training co-ordinator who told us that training records are kept for staff, and a sample of these were viewed and detailed the training that people had completed. The manager told us they are a moving and handling risk assessor and has received updates of this training as required.