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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 9 November 2011
Date of Publication: 7 December 2011
Inspection Report published 7 December 2011 PDF


Inspection carried out on 9 November 2011

During a routine inspection

During our visit to Longlands Care Home, we spoke with five people who use the service and two relatives.

One person told us that �I like living here. I could live with my daughters, but I prefer to live here. The staff are all lovely, and that�s half the battle.�

Another person told us that �One of the problems here is that staff don�t spend much time talking to you when they come to answer the buzzer. As soon as they have finished they are off doing something else. I like to chat and they don�t seem to have the time�. They also told us �The lift being broken has been a problem. I have missed medical appointments, as I can�t get downstairs�.

Over lunch, people told us �There are things such as bingo going on, if you like that type of thing�.

We spoke with a family member who told us �It�s smashing here, my mother seems happy here. I can visit whenever I want. There are lots of activities going on. There is a Halloween party happening this Friday�.