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Inspection report

Date of Publication: 9 August 2011
Inspection Report published 9 August 2011 PDF


During a routine inspection

Due to the needs of three people using the service not everyone was able to share their experiences of the service that they receive. We spoke with one person who receives a service, two relatives of the other two people and four staff. People were very positive about the service. One person indicated that he likes the staff and they help him to maintain his independence. People we spoke with told us that a full needs assessment was undertaken prior to their relative being offered a service. They said they were fully involved in the development of the support plan, which is regularly reviewed in accordance with the person�s changing needs. One person told us, �They do a really good job. The staff team are very good and they have a great deal of expertise in my relative�. Another person said, �They are meticulous about my relatives care and diet. He is looked after absolutely fantastically. I�ve not seen him so happy in years, they are wonderful�. People confirmed that staff respect privacy and dignity when providing personal care and any concerns are swiftly dealt with in the best interests of the people using the service. They described communication between them and the agency as �excellent�. One person said, �They are very approachable, it works wonderfully. I�m chuffed to bits�.

Staff told us that they enjoy working for the service and that they are provided with lots of training opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge to effectively support people. They considered people�s needs are well met and they have sufficient time to undertake their duties. They told us that support plans are reflective of people�s needs and are regularly updated. They told us that they receive good support from the management team and have developed positive working relationships with the people they support, their relatives and professionals. One person said, �I love it, I have a fabulous job. The organisation treats individuals as individuals and support the staff to maintain that. I�m proud to say who I work for�. Another person said, �It�s the best company I have ever worked for in terms of training, which has developed my confidence. They promote independence and allow service users to take control of their own lives�.