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The Green Requires improvement

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 20 June 2011
Date of Publication: 14 October 2011
Inspection Report published 14 October 2011 PDF


Inspection carried out on 20 June 2011

During a routine inspection

Due to communication difficulties, it was not always possible to obtain peoples� views about the way they are being looked after. However, staff communicated with the people using the service in a kind and caring way and they appeared comfortable in their company.

The relatives of people living in the home said the staff are always polite and friendly and they are extremely happy with the standard of care provided. They said the staff are professional, well trained and knowledgeable about their relative�s care needs. They know how to make a complaint and felt confident their complaint would be managed properly. None of the relatives had any complaints to make. Comments from relatives included:

�The staff are excellent, they are very patient�.

�The staff are very good, they communicate well with my relative.

�The care is extremely good, I have no complaints to make�.

�The staff always keep me informed about what�s going on, they are very good�.

�I am always kept informed about the things that are going on for my daughter which is very reassuring�.

�I am very impressed with the care�

The health care professionals involved in the service commented on the high standards of care provided at The Green. They said the staff are always respectful of peoples� needs and ensure their dignity is respected. They said staff work well with them and they have never seen any signs of abuse or neglect. Comments from health care professionals included:

�I have no concerns about the way people are being looked after at The Green�.

�The staff always follow my guidance and instructions well�.

�The staff are excellent, they are very professional and it is a pleasure to work with them�.

The Wirral contract department had no concerns about this service.