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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 15 December 2012
Date of Publication: 15 January 2013
Inspection Report published 15 January 2013 PDF | 78.45 KB


Inspection carried out on 15 December 2012

During a routine inspection

Nelson�s Croft is a small care home providing support for eight people who have autism. It is part of the range of services provided by Wirral Autistic Society. All of the people who lived at the home attended a variety of daytime services that were provided by Wirral Autistic Society, with an individual programme in place for each person. People were also supported to pursue their hobbies and interests outside the home.

All of the people who lived at Nelson's Croft had close contact with their families and when we visited on 15 December 2012, two people were spending the weekend with their families and four other people went out for a day trip with staff in the home�s small minibus.

People's bedrooms reflected their personality and interests and we could see that people had been able to choose what they had in their room. People who lived at the home were supported to keep their bedrooms clean and tidy and to do their own laundry. Pictorial communication aids were provided throughout the house to help people express their needs and choices. We spoke with one of the people who lived at the home and they told us that when there was anything they didn�t like they "talked it over with the staff".

All staff were required to complete the Wirral Autistic Society mandatory training programme which covered 23 subjects including safeguarding and non-violent crisis intervention. Some subjects were updated annually, some every two years and some every three years.