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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 26 August 2011
Date of Publication: 8 December 2011
Inspection Report published 8 December 2011 PDF | 57.5 KB


Inspection carried out on 26 August 2011

During a routine inspection

When we visited Nelson’s Croft on 21 July 2011 there were eight people living there. The people living at the home have restricted verbal communication so the service manager provided telephone numbers for family members of each person and confirmed with them that they would be agreeable to speaking with us. We spoke with four people who were all parents of people living at the home and who all have very regular contact with them.

One person told us: It is fantastic. We have complete and utter peace of mind. Our son has had other placements but he has really settled here. He loves everything he does, loves the activities, loves the people. He has just had his annual review. Personal care is brilliant he is always clean and fresh. There is good communication, for example when he had an accident we were informed immediately. We can visit him any time and he can come home for visits. We feel confident to raise any concerns with a team leader. The only one issue is that there are not always the same regular staff but this is a small point. Before he went there he had severe behavioural problems but these have totally gone, it’s amazing.

Another person told us: It is absolutely wonderful and our daughter has come on in leaps and bounds since moving there. She was in a larger service for ten years and it was too noisy and crowded for her. She needed somewhere quieter. The change has been remarkable and she loves it. She likes to be quiet and make things and she has far more opportunity now to do the things she likes. We visit her regularly and she comes home for a weekend or for a meal. She now calls Nelson’s Croft ‘home’. We feel that she is safe there.

Another person said: We are very happy with Nelson’s Croft. Our son is very happy there and settled. There have been difficulties along the way but these have been managed well. Communication with them is good. He has a review every year. We can ring or visit any time and can discuss any issues or concerns. He always likes to do the same things and we feel that he could do more and the staff are always coming up with things they try to get him to do. He is getting more amenable as he gets older. We always feel that he is safe.

The fourth person we spoke with said: In the main we are really, really happy. Most staff are very good and the team leader is excellent, but there is a big turnover of staff and there are some communication problems between the carers. This has led to problems such as losing his glasses, losing his TV remote control and his electric toothbrush, not putting lifters in his shoes. One hot day last year he was inappropriately dressed. All of these have been raised with team leaders and management. We have no hesitation in making complaints or raising issues and are encouraged to do so. He is safe and loved. They encourage him to be independent with personal care. Our only problem is with the lack of consistency with the high standards usually achieved. Sometimes he misses his day out due to staff shortage. He is happy and healthy and the house is always immaculate. They go out of their way to make sure it suits his needs. They meet his needs and make sure he has a full agenda. In the main he gets a great life and Wirral Autistic Society is a great organisation. We are involved with fundraising for them.