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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 3 September 2013
Date of Publication: 3 October 2013
Inspection Report published 03 October 2013 PDF | 81.97 KB


Inspection carried out on 3 September 2013

During a routine inspection

We found that people had been consulted consistently and had consented to the support provided. Records were maintained in an easy read format which enabled people to understand their support plan more easily. One person told us, "If I don’t want to do something, that’s OK”.

People told us that they and their relatives had been involved in planning and reviewing the support that they received. We found that reviews included a pictorial report on activities and any achievements. The person in charge told us, "We do our best to make sure that people lead happy and fulfilling lives in the community”.

We found that people were provided with opportunities to pursue interests and hobbies at the service and in the community. People spoke enthusiastically about their activities.

We found that the premises were suitable in design and layout for the purpose. The service appeared clean and comfortable and was well maintained. This meant that the building and garden provided a safe environment for the people who used the service and staff.

We found that staff were adequately trained to enable them to perform their role and that their professional development was supported.

Effective systems for monitoring the performance of the service were in place and we saw evidence that changes were made in response. The person in charge said, " Mencap analyses the information contained in the reports we send and provides guidance on how to prevent repeats or reduce risk”