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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 15 November 2011
Date of Publication: 12 December 2011
Inspection Report published 12 December 2011 PDF


Inspection carried out on 15 November 2011

During a routine inspection

From our observations we found that people enjoyed a good rapport with staff. Interactions were relaxed and friendly. People were fully informed and involved in planning their support. They had copies of their own plans which were in both written and picture form. These provide personal information in a sensitive way and informed staff about the person�s needs and wishes.

Feedback from staff was very positive about working for the service. They told us that they felt supported by management, that they felt valued as team members and that they received on-going training and development, which enabled them to provide the support people needed.

Staff were also very positive about their experience of working for the organisation. Staff spoken with us told us �I love my job�, �I would speak with my manager if I had any issues�, �We have a lot of training� and �We have good communication within the team and help each other�. One staff member also said �They have supported me to do my NVQ at level 3.�

The local authority told us about their findings following a recent review of the service. They said, �In each house visited there were good examples of improving people�s quality of life with examples of staff working proactively to maintain independence and choice in how people wish to be supported.�

They also said that; �Macintyre have demonstrated that they have complied with Interagency Adult Safeguarding policies and procedures. All investigations have been appropriately addressed.�