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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 24 July 2012
Date of Publication: 15 August 2012
Inspection Report published 15 August 2012 PDF | 52.12 KB

The service should have quality checking systems to manage risks and assure the health, welfare and safety of people who receive care (outcome 16)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Benefit from safe quality care, treatment and support, due to effective decision making and the management of risks to their health, welfare and safety.

How this check was done

We reviewed all the information we hold about this provider, carried out a visit on 24/07/2012, observed how people were being cared for, looked at records of people who use services, talked to staff and talked to people who use services.

Our judgement

The provider was meeting this standard.

The provider had an effective system to regularly assess and monitor the quality of service that people receive.

User experience

People told us they knew how to complain. One person told us, “If I’m not happy I would talk to the manager.” Another person said, “If I am not happy I would talk to the manager or my key worker.”

Other evidence

The manager explained people had said they no longer wished to attend residents' meetings. Instead people’s key workers had semi formal interviews with the people to gather their views of the service. Records showed these interviews were scheduled on the rota. Staff told us they ask people if they would like anything changed as part of their key worker role. We saw staff meeting minutes which showed issues identified were shared with all staff and discussed.

The manager produced a six monthly quality assurance report. We saw a copy of the report from January 2012 to June 2012. It documented the issues raised by people and the actions taken to resolve the issues.

The manager explained they completed a number of routine audits. These included water temperature, cleaning and a medication audit by community pharmacist. Records showed where the pharmacist had recommended actions these had been taken.

There had been a food hygiene check on 22 June 2012 and the home had achieved a score of four out of five and was rated as good.