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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 15 September 2011
Date of Publication: 28 October 2011
Inspection Report published 28 October 2011 PDF


Inspection carried out on 15 September 2011

During a routine inspection

We visited the home between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm on Thursday 15 September 2011. We spoke with people that live in the home and with relatives who were visiting. We observed how care was given, and spoke with most of the staff that were on duty during the day. A member of staff not on duty contacted us separately.

We saw many positive interactions between staff and people in the home. For example, when people were sitting down, staff lowered themselves to chair height to engage with them. There were a few examples of less positive contacts by staff, such as not sitting alongside people when assisting them to eat. People living in the home presented as comfortable. We saw that people were supported to make choices about meals, drinks and how and where they spent their time. We saw instances of care workers engaging with people by reference to things or events that they knew were significant to them.

A person�s regular visitor told us there was �an easy exchange of information� with the home. They also commented that the home appeared to be a very safe place to live. They said they would not agree to their relative being there if they thought otherwise.

Two regular visitors to the home thought there were enough staff to meet people�s needs. Care staff we spoke to agreed, although they said they found themselves under pressure of time due to the range of essential care tasks to be accomplished. Staff told us they did not experience regular individual supervision, and they saw a need for more channels of direct communication with their managers.