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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 11, 13 April 2011
Date of Publication: 17 June 2011
Inspection Report published 17 June 2011 PDF

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Food and drink should meet people's individual dietary needs (outcome 5)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Are supported to have adequate nutrition and hydration.

How this check was done

Our judgement

Meal arrangements did not ensure that people receive a nutritionally balanced diet at intervals which accommodate their daily routines.

User experience


Other evidence

Information sent to us by the provider stated that improvements were needed with regards to the choice and provision of meals and snacks.

On examination of care records we found that information was not clear about the diet people had, particularly for those people was specific health care needs. Records showed that meals were not nutritionally balanced and lacked variety, comprising of pies, sausages, cakes and crumbles. Information did not detail what else had been served for example, vegetables, salad, potatoes etc.

Nutritional screening and weight records were completed and held in individual files. Information lacked detail for those people were they had specific dietary needs such as PEG feed. This is where someone receives their nutrition through a tube passing straight into their stomach. Where someone had lost weight there was also no evidence to show what action had bee taken to follow this up, as detailed within outcome 4.

During discussion with the chef we were told that there was a reduced budget available due to low occupancy and that some of the food provided was wasted. Breakfast had previously included a cooked breakfast however this was no longer prepared as people were not eating it. We were told that those people accessing the wider community would ‘eat out’ and therefore did not want what had been prepared at the home. This was discussed with the managers. We were told that residents meetings would include a discussion about the meals provided. We were also informed that changes to the physical environment were planned and would include a new kitchen, which would be accessible to people living at the home.

The chef also advised us that a visit had been carried out by the Environmental Health Officer in December 2010. The home received a positive report. The kitchen was seen to be clean, tidy and well organised.