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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 28 February 2012
Date of Publication: 19 March 2012
Inspection Report published 19 March 2012 PDF


Inspection carried out on 28 February 2012

During a routine inspection

We spoke with five people who were receiving a service. All said they had been asked what their needs were before they moved into Callin Court and the manager had discussed with them the care the service could provide. One person told us that they were staying at Callin Court on a trial basis for two weeks to see whether it suited their needs, and said �It�s excellent, nothing has happened yet to put me off and I hope I can stay�.

People told us staff always consulted them about their individual needs and involved them in decisions about their care and treatment. All the people we spoke with said they received the help they needed. Comments included "It�s great�; "I�m very pleased with it�; �The care is very good�.

People said they could do as they pleased and that there were no restrictions.

They also told us that they really appreciated having their own flat but also having areas where they could mix with other tenants to have a meal or join in with activities and trips out, which stopped them feeling lonely.

We asked people if they would know how to raise a concern about something that was worrying them. They expressed confidence that if they had a problem they would be able to discuss it with the registered manager and that it would be taken seriously.

People were also very complimentary about the staff and said that their needs were able to be met by the number of staff available. Comments included �The staff are lovely�; �The staff are very good�; �The staff are very friendly and encourage you to join in�; �If you pull the cord for help, someone comes straightaway, even at night�.