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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 28 February and 28 March 2011
Date of Publication: 4 May 2011
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Inspection carried out on 28 February and 28 March 2011

During a routine inspection

The people that we spoke with at College House were very positive about their lives at the home. Everyone we spoke with told us that they were happy living at College House. All the people who live at the home have lived there for some time and know each other and the staff very well.

We saw care plans for two people living at the home. Each of them showed that the person had been consulted about the goals set in the plan. People we spoke with said they felt safe and supported at the home, they told us they had a 'key worker' and talked positively about this. A key worker is a member of staff who takes particular responsibility for the needs of that individual.

Records and discussion with staff confirmed that when necessary the home seeks the views and support of other professionals such as GPs.

People were keen to show us around their home and during our visit we looked at the communal areas and were invited to look at 2 bedrooms. The home was clean and well maintained throughout and there were no unpleasant odours. There was a warm and friendly atmosphere and many personal items on display around the home.

People were seen to be enjoying their meals and they told us they always liked what they had to eat.

During our visit we saw staff interacting with the people they support and providing opportunities for discussions. The staff listened to people's views and provided advice and guidance when appropriate. We saw staff that were competent, attentive and caring. We did not see any practice that gave us any cause for concern.

All the staff we spoke with were able to tell us about the needs of the people they support and also how these needs are met. We heard staff speaking with people in a kind and respectful manner and responded promptly, discretely and sensitively to people when they asked questions or needed help.

Medication is prepared by a local pharmacist and managed by staff in the home. Staff told us they had received training in managing medication and they felt confident to administer any needed.

There is a stable staff group at the home and it was clear that staff and people living at the home knew each other very well and showed each other mutual respect. All staff spoken with said they enjoyed working at the home and felt well supported. Staff spoke of the supportive staff team and good communication between shifts.

We were told by staff and management that people are encouraged and supported to be fully involved in the running of their home.

The home has a complaints procedure and all complaints and outcomes of investigations are logged and the outcomes are communicated to the complainant. We saw that personal records were being well maintained by the staff team. And any information about an individual had been regularly reviewed to ensure that it was correct and still meeting the individual's needs.