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Archived: Westbourne House

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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 8 September 2014
Date of Publication: 30 September 2014
Inspection Report published 30 September 2014 PDF

People should be treated with respect, involved in discussions about their care and treatment and able to influence how the service is run (outcome 1)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Understand the care, treatment and support choices available to them.
  • Can express their views, so far as they are able to do so, and are involved in making decisions about their care, treatment and support.
  • Have their privacy, dignity and independence respected.
  • Have their views and experiences taken into account in the way the service is provided and delivered.

How this check was done

We looked at the personal care or treatment records of people who use the service, carried out a visit on 8 September 2014, observed how people were being cared for and talked with people who use the service. We talked with staff, reviewed information given to us by the provider and reviewed information sent to us by commissioners of services.

Our judgement

People’s privacy, dignity and independence were respected.

People’s views and experiences were taken into account in the way the service was provided and delivered in relation to their care.

Reasons for our judgement

We looked at a range of records and two people’s support plans. These contained information about the person's preferred name and identified the person's usual routine and how they would like their care and support to be delivered. The records included information about individuals' specific needs and we saw examples where records had been reviewed and updated to reflect people's wishes. Examples of these wishes included times for getting up and going to bed, meal choices and choosing the social activities they wanted be involved in.

People who used the service said they were aware of support plans and that they were involved in regular discussions about their care and support. This consultation was confirmed and recorded as having taken place in the support plans we checked. People said, “I sit down with the manager and my key worker and we talk about things. We look at my notes, I know what my notes say and I agree with them.”

We saw and heard staff asking people their choices and preferences about what they wanted to do during the day. We observed staff giving support to people throughout the inspection and they were respectful and treated people in a friendly and supportive way.

People said, “I can choose what I want to do, I go to the shops when I want. I go on my own or with staff, that’s my choice, I just let staff know where I am going”, “I get up and go to bed when I’m ready to” and “I go to a day centre most days, I don’t always feel like doing a lot at weekends but that’s OK.”

People told us they felt their dignity was respected. They said, “staff are very polite, we have a laugh as well though” and “staff always knock on my door and help me as I want them to.”

A privacy and dignity statement was included in the service’s Statement of Purpose to inform people how their dignity should be promoted and upheld by staff. A copy of the Statement of Purpose was kept in the entrance to the home.

Staff told us that the issue of privacy, dignity and choice was discussed at training events and at staff meetings that were held. They were able to describe how they maintained people's privacy and dignity and how important this was for people.

We looked at the minutes of the most recent ‘residents house meeting’. This meeting was held every two or three months and involved the staff and people living at Westbourne House. We saw that a range of topics had been discussed including plans for social activities, the planning of meal choices and general housekeeping issues. This told us the service actively sought out the views of people and included people in the day to day running of the home.