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Inspection report

Date of Inspection: 12 November 2013
Date of Publication: 6 December 2013
Inspection Report published 06 December 2013 PDF

The service should have quality checking systems to manage risks and assure the health, welfare and safety of people who receive care (outcome 16)

Meeting this standard

We checked that people who use this service

  • Benefit from safe quality care, treatment and support, due to effective decision making and the management of risks to their health, welfare and safety.

How this check was done

We carried out a visit on 12 November 2013, observed how people were being cared for, talked with people who use the service and talked with staff. We talked with commissioners of services.

Our judgement

The provider had an effective system in place to identify, assess and manage risks to the health, safety and welfare of people who use the service and others.

Reasons for our judgement

During our previous inspection in July 2013 we found concerns with how the quality of service provision was monitored. The home had limited systems in place to measure the quality of care provided. There were no environmental risk assessments held at the home, putting people at risk from potential environmental issues. The service did not have an established business plan. The manager was unable to provide us with recorded evidence of service user surveys. This meant people were potentially prevented from giving feedback about the Annacliffe.

We discussed with the manager the action plan that had been developed to achieve compliance. We found that our concerns had been addressed and that the home had introduced several quality monitoring systems.

The new business plan in place was very in-depth. It set out objectives in managing arising emergencies that could disrupt the service. These included flood, fire, loss of electrical/gas supplies and infectious outbreaks that could affect staffing levels. Actions were also established to minimise risk and forms were in place to record events if they arose. This meant the home had in place a plan to maintain people’s safety if the service was disrupted.

Further to this, the manager had developed new environmental risk assessments. These documents covered risks related to utility supplies, slips and falls, alarm call system and the equipment in use. Maintenance records showed that room checks had been carried out regularly to monitor for any risks. This meant that people were protected from potential environmental risks.

The Annacliffe had in place systems to check people’s experiences of their care and the running of the home. One person told us, “They check with me about how I am supported. Whenever they assist me they ask if they’ve done a good job”. Additionally, a recent satisfaction survey had been completed. Comments seen included: -

“Very satisfied”.

“I’m very pleased with the way my mother is looked after here – sometimes under difficult circumstances – they are patient and understanding and do their jobs to be as helpful as possible”.

“Extremely pleased with all aspects of the Annacliffe”.